Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New blog sensation starts with a popping loud silence

So this is it.

My first post to my new blog.

Why am i blogging? What do I have to offer people? Who is my audience?

These are all valid questions but ultimately I am writing this blog for me and me alone!

That's a bit selfish you might say. But the way i see it is with the millions of blogs already doing the rounds on the ol' super information highway mines not really likely to register as a blip on anyones radar!

So what's the point?

Well for me this blog is a means of documenting an endeavor that I am about to undertake. Nothing major like. We're not talking scaling mountains, or parachute jumps or anything like that. We're not talking major exams or life changing surgery.

You see for a number of years I have dabbled with designing websites. But that's all it's ever been is a hobby and I think and I feel that it could be something more for me. So I have made a decision to start down a path that will hopefully end with web design being far more than a simple hobby for me.

For a while I have been reading a very reliable and competent publication called '.Net'. It's a fantastic magazine that highlights current trends in web design. It adapts a more business-like mentality and as such is a little strong perhaps for casual dabblers within web design. But since buying the magazine I have found myself more and more getting intrigued by what can be achieved through web design.

So over the course of the next year or so I am throwing myself into web design just to see what happens. It'll be a tricky endeavor I'm sure as I already work full time in a demanding job and am preparing to get married in September which will involve about a month where I'm not at a computer due to the honeymoon. But I'll cross that bridge as and when i get there.

So with that i bring this opening post to a close. I'll be posting again soon no doubt. I need to keep updating this thing to keep myself motivated and in the right state of mind.


Michael Stone said...

Will it keep you motivated if I stand here shouting "Oi, Watson, get some work done!"?

Good luck with the new career path, mate. Now...

Oi, Watson, get some work done!

Gareth Watson said...


You've an account here too? Dammit! Is nothing sacred?!?

You're my number one motivator!! Mr Motivator!!